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Through "Reverse", Lenoir exhibits his predilection for the thriller genre, skillfully exploiting its elements to create engaging narratives, complex characters, and suspenseful atmospheres.

With the help of her alters, an ex-spy with dissociative identity disorder hatches a plan to get revenge on the one-eyed, the man who tried to kill her. Morgane has many characters who live inside her, and with their help she develops a plan to track down her target: a one-eyed double agent. As each day their identity is alternated, the alters use a Dictaphone to record their days and share the information of their daily investigations. But along the way they are betrayed by one of their own, Louise, who joins forces with two thugs to be freed from this life under control, who agree to help her in exchange for a fortune. The two men manipulate the identities, pretending to be the man they are looking for -the one-eyed. But soon the trap closes on them, and they become the victims of the obsession of this woman with many faces.


Year of production : 2023

Running time: 12'

Thriller/ Spy/Action/Psychology/Revenge

Director Christophe Lenoir

Writer Christophe Lenoir

Producers Camille Lenoir | Christophe LENOIR

Composer Lens Distorsion (original score) 

Cinematographer Dimitri Borget

Editor Christophe Lenoir

Production Designers Camille Lenoir



Camille Solal/ Rachel, Joelle, Miss X, Louise, Sylvia, Morgane

Chick Ortega/ Le Borgne Borgne

Laurent Cerulli / Sandy

Joseph Woerlen / Joe

Christophe Lenoir / Le surfer

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