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When Hannah returns home to her estranged Father to piece together the circumstances of her Mother's death, she discovers an ancient occult tool Yantra, used by Tantriks in India. Hannah then uncovers a deadly curse from the past.

Year of production: 2017

Running time: 80'

Horror/ Drama/

Director Christophe Lenoir

Writers Vikram Gupta | Vivek Singhania

Producers Manju Gautam | Vivek Singhania

Composer Frederic Bry (original score)

Cinematographer Stephen C. Walsh

Editor Christophe Lenoir

Production Designers. Girts Balodis | Sachin Roy (india)



Dominique Swain / Alice

Emma Eliza Regan / Anna

Adam Weafer / Joe

Nigel Mercier / Rodney

Alicia Gerrard / Sophie

Shane Robinson / Jake

Camille Solal / Madame Estelle

Ketan Anand / Horace Granger

Jan Graveson / Elisabeth

Connor Marren / Eugene

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