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"Felt really good. Nice footage choices, pace, and scale shifts." - Ryan McKenna


In the heart of Paris, to save innocent children lives, a police captain must play a game set up by the Ogre, a child killer.


The body of a child is found dead in the Seine. Police Captain William believes it's no an accident, and uses the artificial intelligence program he has created to reconstruct the crime scene and investigate. 

It leads him into the spheres of power, and William discovers a link between children and the powerful. 

William is not followed by his superiors, but his ethics and sense of justice drive him to act, revealing to journalists the truth about the links between power and the human trade. A scandal erupts, men die and the case is closed. 

Captain William is transferred. 


6 years later, William receives a package in his office containing an audio tape and photos of the child he found dead in the Seine. As he listens to the recording, a man calling himself the Ogre warns him that Paris will soon be his playground, and that several children will die. If William wants to avoid this bloodbath, he'll have to play along and solve some riddles to save the children's lives. The investigation he began 6 years ago is not over. 

The Ogre wants revenge, he's lost everything he had and now he wants the powerful to pay, to be unmasked. In his plan, he needs William, whom he'll use as a pawn on his chessboard, hoping to win the game and leave like a shadow with the ransom money he'll have collected. But that's without counting on William's artificial intelligence and incredible willpower, and a real face-off begins in Paris between William and the ogre, a game of clues and riddles that must be solved for the lives of innocent victims.

L'Ogre de Paris  

Year of production : 2023

Running time: 1'

Thriller/ Spy/Action/Psychology/Revenge

Director Christophe Lenoir

Writer Christophe Lenoir

Editor : Christophe Lenoir

Music : Deau Eyes - music bed

Stock shots from film supply

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