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Franck and his daughter Laura are in a toy's shop. When suddenly, Laura vanishes. Franck is lost. A phone is ringing. A voice from within a box of toys says the game is starting. Franck is forced to play the game if he wants to find his daughter alive. The game will be hard, he will need to solve riddles. He will get over some levels only to find another more difficult level each time. Franck must face up to an odd enemy: The Dead. Who will be alive at the end of this game?

Cellule 66 

Year of production: 2008

Running Time: 70 '

Thriller/ Horror

Director Christophe Lenoir

Writer Christophe Lenoir

Producers Guillaume Dubois | Christophe Lenoir

Composer Jerome Mackowiack (original score) Lena Deluxe (original theme)

Cinematographer Christope LENOIR

Editor Christophe Lenoir

Production Designers. Girts Balodis | Sachin Roy (india)



Guillaume Dubois / Franck

David Alexandre Berthier/ DeathMask, François

Melissandre Fortumeau / Melissa

Emmanuelle Filament / Emmanuelle

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