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A camera captures people's souls and sends them to a parallel world.

Christophe Lenoir


Laura has a quantum camera that captures people's souls and sends them to a parallel dimension. One day, she takes a photo of her son and he disappears. Laura investigates and finds his whereabouts: he is in a death camp in Germany in 1944. From then on, Laura has only one obsession: to travel through time to save him and bring him back to her world.


Subgenre: Scientific, mystery, Woman lead character, drama, historical, thriller

Why I wrote this story:


As a little boy I made an astounding and life changing  discovery in school.

I used to watch stars and love learning about distant galaxies. Then my teachers explained to me that the star I was looking at was dead and that the light I was seeing was only the picture of what it once was millions of  light years ago. I was baffled. Soon after, I got passionate about photography and cameras; I didn’t realized that then but a pattern was starting to emerge  for me because a camera is a device that can capture the light, and print on film a moment of life. The principle is the same, a photo travels in time. This direct connexion between light and life blew my mind. 

Then, as a young adult, I watched two movies: “Ring” and “Music Box”.

The movie “ Ring” is about a tape and a son condemned to death , and “Music box” is about a woman investigating Nazi war crimes to exonerate her father wrongly accused by the government. I had found my angle.


I wanted to tell the story of a mother who fights for her son’s life standing up against light and time itself.




Laura, a fashion photographer, is interrogated by secret services. One of their agent, Camille, working undercover as a photographer, has vanished just after having her picture taken by her associate, Laura, in their studio. Laura tries to explain herself saying that one day she has received a film camera in the mail along with a History book about a death camp, a gift from her photography teacher when she was in university. There was apparently nothing special about this camera but one day, Laura tells the agents that she decided to use it during her work, shooting models, Camille and her son. All the people she shot  died drowning, choking in gaz, or in fire three days after the shooting. Reading the History book she recognizes them in the camp pictures. Laura now knows that there is a connexion between the book, the camera and the quantic dimensions. Desperate to have her son back, Laura planed with the help of her friends secret services to go there and decides to take her own picture using the technical process of long exposure which will allow her to exist in both dimensions and to bring everyone back in the present. Until she understood that finally, this camera was destined to reveal her mission, that of continuing the work of her teacher and tracking down war criminals by making them disappear from this world.  


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